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Virginie is an expert in talent management. She is an Assessment Center specialist with a passion for body language. She assists individuals and corporate teams to discover their resources and talents. Virginie is trained in several disciplines of non-verbal communication and body language, including Synergology.


Apostrof operates in Lyon and Paris, in Europe and in America. Our network of experts forms a talent pool composed of professionals who are 100% experts in talent management. Coming from the business world, our consultants are essential to the accomplishment of our Talent Management mission: to transform the companies we support.


Discover the challenges of HR transformation faced by our clients, whether they are executives, HR directors, team managers or executives. Find out about our tailor-made interventions on subjects that are not always obvious in the day-to-day life of an Executive, a Human Resources Director, a manager or an executive.

We have changed the game for them

UGITECH bets on internal mobility

UGITECH bets on internal mobility

  The latest version of UGITECH's internal promotion process is designed to retain experienced employees and engage talented individuals over the long term. For the Group, it is a question of giving visibility to all the actors on the different phases and the...

TECHNOFORM is recruiting to expand its teams

TECHNOFORM is recruiting to expand its teams

  Technoform entrusts Apostrof with its recruitments for tailor-made searches according to the specific needs of the two French subsidiaries for technical, commercial and support profiles.   Recruiting to strengthen the technical, commercial and financial...

DEUTZ FRANCE hunts for future talent

DEUTZ FRANCE hunts for future talent

  Recruiting in the manufacturing industry is above all recruiting for an industry that is looking for rare profiles. This is why technical skills are essential, without neglecting experience and personality. Within the framework of its specialized...

Recruiting in the food industry BISCUITS BOUVARD

Recruiting in the food industry BISCUITS BOUVARD

  Recruiting in the food industry is above all recruiting for an industry that is looking for specialized profiles. Therefore, technical skills are important. However, it is important not to forget that they are not everything. In the context of a difficult...

CARREL creates talent with the Assessment Center

CARREL creates talent with the Assessment Center

  Creator of talent since 1936, CARREL is a key player in training in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The institute includes a vocational and technical high school, a school for social and health professions and a campus for higher education. The structure...


DIEHL METERING recruits sales profiles

  DIEHL METERING is a division of the German industrial group DIEHL. The group employs around 17,173 people worldwide with a total annual turnover of 3.749 billion euros. DIEHL METERING covers the entire energy industry with individual systems, but also with...

The impact of the Development Center for world leader UGITECH

The Development Center impact for world leader UGITECH

  In order to ensure the development of talent within the company, UGITECH relies on the Development Center approach. Unveiling and supporting talent is the future HR challenge for the group. The support provided by the company reinforces the saying of Gustave...


MIYOSHI Europe expands its management team

  Since 1979, the MIYOSHI Group has been offering innovative solutions to cosmetic formulators. Innovation has been a strategic pillar for the company since its inception. Mr. Ryota MIYOSHI was the first chemist to promote the concept of surface treatment on...

CARGLASS renews its assessment method

CARGLASS renews its assessment method

  As part of the recruitment of its Top Managers, CARGLASS® has asked APOSTROF to build a new assessment platform by putting them into professional situations. The aim is to develop role-playing exercises that partly recreate the reality of the group's...


MEDIAN Technologies strengthens its management skills

  To meet the strategic challenges of organising and leading internal teams, MEDIAN Technologies turned to Apostrof as part of a process of evaluating managerial skills and the potential to be developed. MEDIAN Technologies   MEDIAN Technologies is a...


Chr HANSEN recommends the Assessment Center

  Chr HANSEN is a world leader in the field of biosciences through the development of natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. As part of the assessment of skills and potential, Chr HANSEN has entrusted...



Talent management solutions tailored to your time, your business and your budget

For any other questions or to take action, the entire Apostrof team remains available to continue the exchanges if you wish to go further. Please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment to discuss with our experts.

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Apostrof is a national and international team specialised in talent management: skills and potential assessment, personality assessment, detection of managerial potential, Assessment Center, Development Center, 360 feedback, aptitude and professional preference assessment. Our consultants are also experts in non-verbal communication and body language.


I let you discover my white papers dedicated to talent management, from the detection to the development of skills and potential, to assessment solutions …

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