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DIEHL METERING recruits sales profiles



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

5 May 2022

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DIEHL METERING is a division of the German industrial group DIEHL. The group employs around 17,173 people worldwide with a total annual turnover of 3.749 billion euros. DIEHL METERING covers the entire energy industry with individual systems, but also with integrated communication solutions, taking into account legal aspects and customer requirements, as well as market and country specificities.




Technologies and products

DIEHL METERING’s products and services enable customers to benefit from considerable efficiency in accounting, billing and service processes. The end user benefits from the transparency necessary to reduce energy costs. We help to improve the cost-effectiveness and ecological use of natural resources and energy.

Every year, more than 7 million meters and about 5 million radio modules are produced in-house and supplied to our customers worldwide. For many years, DIEHL’s development efforts have focused on communication possibilities. Today, DIEHL METERING customers can rely on a comprehensive range of innovative wireless M-bus measurement technologies and energy data management software from the field of systems engineering.

Accurate measurement of energy consumption through automatic meters and the transmission of this data are necessary for energy efficiency in home automation, smart grids and e-mobility. With standardised communication, water, heating, gas and electricity consumption can be read on a single platform.


Recruiting commercial profiles

Apostrof has been working alongside DIEHL METERING since 2007, recruiting sales profiles for the Villeurbanne sales office, which covers the southern half of France. The objective is twofold: to offer an additional service to the company’s customers while improving responsiveness.

“Virginie was able to create a strong partnership with the DIEHL METERING sales office team. Having already worked with my predecessor, the firm was able to propose candidates that met our company’s search criteria.

I highly recommend the Apostrof recruitment agency because I appreciated the commercial follow-up throughout the recruitment process and after the recruitment: a real support for each party.”

Hubert DUVAL, Agency Manager at DIEHL METERING

DIEHL METERIng recruits sales profiles



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