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MIYOSHI Europe expands its management team



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

3 March 2022

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Since 1979, the MIYOSHI Group has been offering innovative solutions to cosmetic formulators. Innovation has been a strategic pillar for the company since its inception. Mr. Ryota MIYOSHI was the first chemist to promote the concept of surface treatment on powdered technical fillers. His goal was to optimise their performance in the formulation of cosmetic products.


MIYOSHI innovative solutions in cosmetics


This spirit still drives MIYOSHI’s R&D teams. Independent and family-owned, the Group offers a wide range of pigments and functional fillers. These are processed for a wide range of cosmetic applications throughout the world through its various locations.

Today, the Group has 4 production sites and is present in more than 60 countries via local partners and dedicated distribution networks. MIYOSHI EUROPE, the Group’s French subsidiary, is one of the dynamic companies in the cosmetics industry in Lyon.


A direct approach & an Assessment Center


« I was contacted by Virginie GRAZIANI through a direct approach. However, the process did not stop there. I particularly appreciated the content of the tests, the quality of the feedback on the Assessment Centre carried out with the Apostrof team, as well as the genuine follow-up carried out in the weeks/months/years following the Assessment.

Even though I had never done an assessment of this kind and the situation is relatively stressful, I enjoyed going through the various exercises to put me in a professional situation. I was therefore looking forward to the feedback of the elements highlighted during the day.

On my first reading, the feedback surprised me, but with hindsight, the analysis proved to be very relevant. It was a very interesting experience which, in any case, was enriching

Nicolas BLANCHON, Business Development Manager EMEA at MIYOSHI Europe SAS.



About our expertise


The direct approach allows us to target experienced profiles working in related fields or within specific business sectors. Headhunting offers the opportunity to target strategic skills and specific experience. These people are generally not actively looking for a job opportunity. Therefore, their profiles are not easily accessible through traditional recruitment channels.

The Assessment or Development Centre is a methodology that uses a professional situation to carry out a precise diagnosis of the strengths and areas of concern of a candidate or employee. In the context of recruitment, this stage enables the company to advise on an integration plan that is appropriate to the individual’s personality and skills. In the case of internal mobility, the assessment includes specific recommendations on a development plan.



The Assessment Centre methodology


The Assessment Centre is a methodology that uses a professional situation to assess the skills and potential of an employee or candidate. The aim is to understand the underlying dynamics of personal, relational and managerial behaviour in order to predict an ability to succeed in a position.

For an employee in post, it is either a question of carrying out this approach prior to training, in the context of internal mobility or a change of manager, or even in the context of setting up a new organisation, based on the skills and development potential of an individual and the complementarity of a team.


Whatever your objectives, we can help you attract, motivate and find the right talent. To contact us, use the contact form or write to us directly at contact@apostrof.fr




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