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Recruiting in the food industry BISCUITS BOUVARD



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

7 July 2022

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Recruiting in the food industry is above all recruiting for an industry that is looking for specialized profiles. Therefore, technical skills are important. However, it is important not to forget that they are not everything. In the context of a difficult search, the BISCUITS BOUVARD Group called upon Apostrof for a tailor-made assistance.


The BOUVARD Biscuits


BISCUITS BOUVARD is a historical company in the food industry, cultivating its historical know-how, inherited from Firmin Bouvard, master pastry chef. Today, the Group is the leading French specialist in the manufacture of private label and branded sweet cookies, with a turnover of 175 million euros, 20% of which is exported.

Since Alain LAINE bought a factory with 100 employees, the BISCUITS BOUVARD Group has grown exponentially since the 1990s. Today, the SME has become a group of 1,600 people with 13 production sites (8 factories in France, including 7 historical ones), 25 companies in France, Italy, the United States and Belgium.




Recruiting expert profiles

BISCUITS BOUVARD was accompanied in the implementation of the SAP ERP at the Group level. This large-scale project contributes to supporting the cultural mutation of the structure, which has become a Group with the strong DNA of an SME. The search and recruitment of profiles capable of leading this type of project is a delicate process entrusted to Virginie GRAZIANI. This recruitment being strategic, the direct approach combined with an Assessment Center process for the selection was essential in the recruitment of an SAP profile. Indeed, technical skills are essential, but the fit with the company culture is essential.

“Virginie’s handling of the mission was very professional. She was able to adapt to our job profiles and our internal environment. The Assessment Center’s methodology for selecting finalist profiles is a real asset in the recruitment process. Indeed, it allowed us to conduct internal debates and discussions on the profile necessary for our project with regard to the skills and potential of the candidates presented and evaluated.”




A flagship of the agri-food industry






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