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TECHNOFORM is recruiting to expand its teams



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

6 October 2022

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Technoform entrusts Apostrof with its recruitments for tailor-made searches according to the specific needs of the two French subsidiaries for technical, commercial and support profiles.


Recruiting to strengthen the technical, commercial and financial teams


“I met Apostrof on the advice of another recruiter who had approached me. Since 2013, we have built a real partnership over time and Virginie recruits for our two French subsidiaries. The added value of her services: the search for a human match with the company’s environment, beyond the elements of the CV. And this, even when our level of requirements and the shortage of candidates slow down some of our recruitments.”
Nicolas DUPOYET, Insulation Solutions Branch Manager at Technoform.

“Our sister company in Lyon had worked with Apostrof before us, so we consulted Apostrof for our recruitment projects based on their good experience. Virginie’s plusses: an excellent understanding of the company’s context and needs, impeccable service and end-to-end support. In short, we were fully satisfied with the service provided and achieved the objective set.”
Amaury RAMET, Edge Bond Solution France Branch Manager at Technoform.



Feedback from Technoform employees


“I particularly appreciated Virginie’s friendliness, professionalism and responsiveness, both as a candidate a few years ago and as a client today.”
Guillaume PONCOT, Sales and Team Manager at Technoform.

“Following my application through an advertisement, I met with Apostrof who presented the position to me in detail, knowing their client well. Virginie offers a very close follow-up and accompanied me during the pre-negotiation of the salary. To sum up, I am very happy at Technoform and I thank Virginie again for her help.”
Simon CHAVANT, Technical and Development Expert Engineer at Technoform.

“When I applied to Apostrof, I was accompanied from beginning to end, from my application to my integration at Technoform: a lot of professionalism put at the service of candidates.”
Morgane MARTINEAU, Administrative and Financial Accountant at Technoform.

“My first contact with Apostrof was through a direct approach. I appreciated Virginie’s availability to introduce me to the company when I applied myself, as well as when it came to debriefing candidates for other Technoform recruitments.”
Antoine BOUCHUT, Product Management at Technoform.

“I met Virginie as part of an initial application. This first contact allowed me to access a job opportunity within the Technoform Group, initially on a fixed-term contract, which was confirmed on a permanent basis. Virginie based her decision on the evaluation of my skills in relation to the position, even though I did not yet have any professional experience in France.”
Sibel CHAUCHOT, Commercial Assistant & Quality Coordinator at Technoform.



Technoform Group


Founded in 1969 in Germany, Technoform is an independent family-owned company and one of the world leaders in the thermoplastic extrusion industry with more than 45 plants and sales offices, over 1,500 employees, and a turnover of 380 M€. The Group and its subsidiaries operate in a growing market (energy savings in construction). Technoform extrudes 3 billion high-precision plastic bars and tubes each year.

Technoform’s French subsidiary markets very high precision insulating thermoplastic profiles and develops special solutions to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. From the simplest strips to the most complex profiles, Technoform’s solutions provide thermal insulation for aluminum windows, doors and facades for professionals in the construction industry.


TECHNOFORM is recruiting to expand its teams







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