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DEUTZ FRANCE hunts for future talent



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

8 September 2022

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Recruiting in the manufacturing industry is above all recruiting for an industry that is looking for rare profiles. This is why technical skills are essential, without neglecting experience and personality. Within the framework of its specialized recruitments, the DEUTZ France Group works in partnership with Apostrof for a tailor-made support.


DEUTZ AG expands its French subsidiary


DEUTZ France is one of the most important subsidiaries of the German group DEUTZ AG, a former engine manufacturer, present throughout the world. DEUTZ engines with a power range of about 19 to 620 KW are mainly used in the construction, agriculture, airport, handling and railway industries.

The main activity of DEUTZ France is the sale of new compact diesel or gas engines. It also sells services, spare parts and standard exchange engines (engines rebuilt identically to the customer’s on the basis of a recycled engine block) to professionals in the sector.




DEUTZ FRANCE hunts for future talent

“I’ve been working with Apostrof for years to find expert profiles. Virginie GRAZIANI carries out direct approaches tailored to our specific needs. Apostrof is therefore a natural partner for DEUTZ FRANCE, with recruitments in Lyon and Paris.

In a recruitment process, Virginie accompanies us from the first contact with the approached profiles to the integration of the selected candidate. The candidates presented by Apostrof are truly adapted to our search for experienced profiles and the interview files are always very complete.”

Valérie ROINEAU, HR Director of DEUTZ France


DEUTZ FRANCE hunts for future talent



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