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Chr HANSEN recommends the Assessment Center



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

1 July 2021

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Chr HANSEN is a world leader in the field of biosciences through the development of natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. As part of the assessment of skills and potential, Chr HANSEN has entrusted Apostrof with the implementation of Assessment Centers as a decision-making aid.

Chr HANSEN pioneer of microbial science


Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company based in Hørsholm, Denmark, that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutrition, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. The company was founded in 1874 by the Danish pharmacist Christian D. A. Hansen who had invented an industrial process to extract rennet for cheese making.


With a turnover of € 970 million and approximately 3,000 employees, Chr. Hansen is today a leading microbial player and manufacturer of food cultures, dairy enzymes, probiotics and HMOs. Organisationally, the company is divided into two segments: food cultures and enzymes; and health and nutrition.


Chr. Hansen is uniquely positioned to leverage its microbial and fermentation technology platforms to address some of society’s most pressing challenges, such as enabling more sustainable agricultural practices with fewer pesticides and antibiotics, reducing food waste, and supporting global health through well-documented probiotics.


For over 145 years, the Group’s natural solutions have played a key role in creating the food system. CHR HANSEN’s product innovation is based on nearly 40,000 microbial strains. More than one billion people consume products containing the Group’s natural ingredients every day.

What internal elements are brought to the exchanges?


The Assessment Centre approach does not use the “classic” performance indicators that we can find in certain job descriptions. As a result, the elements to be provided at the outset are sometimes more intangible.


Indeed, some companies avoid the Assessment Centre because they think they are not ready. However, when it comes to assessing potential, the Assessment Centre is built from a perspective of expected behavior. Also, sometimes even the internal skills repository may be obsolete in view of the need to change jobs, skills and the organisation chart.


On the other hand, sharing the vision of the Director or the Management is essential to understand where the organisation is heading. Thus, the process must be approached in a global manner because the Assessment Centre is a tool at the service of your strategy.


Practical and concrete, exchanges with management, human resources and even some employees replace all the fixed internal documents that do not reflect the company’s perspectives.

The Assessment Centre service


In order to assess skills and potential, Chr HANSEN worked with Apostrof to organise several Assessment Centres. Conducted face-to-face in our Paris offices, we asked our client to give us their feedback. Find below the testimonial of the company’s Training and Competency Development Manager.

“We called on Apostrof to carry out an assessment centre and we particularly appreciated :
– Availability, reactivity and great professionalism,
– The relevance and objective accuracy of the analyses,
– The quality of the service in terms of preparation, execution, feedback, follow-up throughout and after the action,
– The quality of the French and English reports and the availability of Virginie GRAZIANI to share and understand the results and summaries.
Bravo and thank you! A great professionalism, a useful service for decision-making and for the individual support of our employees. This service will become indispensable now that we have “tasted” it!”

Fanny Seunes, Training and Competence Development Manager, Chr. HANSEN

Chr HANSEN recommends the Assessment Center

The Assessment Centre methodology


The Assessment Center is a methodology that uses a professional situation to probe the skills and potential of an employee or candidate. The objective is to understand the underlying dynamics of personal, relational and managerial behaviour in order to predict an ability to succeed in a position.


For an employee in post, it is either a question of carrying out this approach prior to training, in the context of internal mobility or a change of manager, or even in the context of setting up a new organisation, based on the skills and development potential of an individual and the complementarity of a team.





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