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The Development Center impact for world leader UGITECH



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

7 April 2022

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In order to ensure the development of talent within the company, UGITECH relies on the Development Center approach. Unveiling and supporting talent is the future HR challenge for the group. The support provided by the company reinforces the saying of Gustave FLAUBERT: “To have talent, you must be convinced that you have it”. This is one of the objectives of the Development Center methodology.

UGITECH the world leader in special steels

UGITECH produces and sells a wide range of long stainless steel products. Bars, wire rod and drawn wire are the three main products in UGITECH’s offer. The company has the most developed research centre in the industry.
In figures, UGITECH represents: a base of 5,000 customers, more than 200,000 tons of products sold each year, 7 production units and processing facilities in France, Italy and Germany. UGITECH’s main site is in Ugine, Savoie (73). UGITECH is a subsidiary of the Swiss Steel Group.
Today, the Swiss Steel Group is one of the world’s leading providers of customised solutions in the specialty steel long products business. A global name in tool steel and stainless long steel, the Group is one of two largest companies in Europe for alloy and high-alloy engineering steel.
With around 9 000 employees at its own production and distribution companies in 35 countries across five continents, the Company supports and supplies customers wherever they operate. Besides the comprehensive Production and Sales & Services portfolio, customers benefit from the Company’s technological expertise, consistent high quality worldwide and in-depth knowledge of local markets.

A human diagnosis to accompany the process

Christophe GOUGNE is conducting a Development Center while working for UGITECH as HSSE Department Manager. His objective is to develop his know-how and interpersonal skills. The aim of the Development Center support is to acquire a posture more in line with his job and his company.
“Having been through a Development Center, I can only recommend this feedback tool. For me, it was an opportunity to obtain a benevolent and uncompromising reading of my professional self… and to use it as a catalyst for making decisions and taking action!
Following the Development Center at Apostrof, Christophe trained in coaching and created his own structure. He then decided to use his 20 years of experience in operational and cross-functional management to help leaders and managers achieve greater performance and fulfilment.

The Development Center: a career management tool

Nature is well done, it has endowed us all with a talent. Unfortunately, some of these talents are lost or not revealed, due to a lack of appropriate functions, time or awareness. However, an individual can only develop his or her strengths if he or she knows what they are.
The Development Centre uses job shadowing to show the individual how he or she is doing and what is still to come.Today, Assessment and Development Centres are the most reliable methods for assessing the personality, cognitive abilities, motivations, professional behaviour and development potential of your employees.
Concrete, objective and clear, the Development Center method is a relevant career management tool. The Development Center is based on a professional role playing in order to carry out a precise diagnosis of the strengths and areas of concern of a candidate or employee. In the case of internal mobility, the approach enables the parties to be reassured of the suitability of the proposed future position.
It also involves advising all those concerned by the development of skills adapted to the experience and the professional situation to come. This takes the form of recommendations and a development plan in three parts: for the promoted employee, for his or her future manager and finally for the human resources department when training and/or professional coaching is recommended.



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