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UGITECH bets on internal mobility



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

3 November 2022

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The latest version of UGITECH’s internal promotion process is designed to retain experienced employees and engage talented individuals over the long term. For the Group, it is a question of giving visibility to all the actors on the different phases and the various prerequisites of the executive promotion process, while sharing the objectives in a tripartite way: employee, future N+1 and HR Development Manager.


The benefits of internal mobility


Internal mobility is a key step in the career of a future executive. In order to take this step, employees need to have additional reference points on their own functioning and that of others. For UGITECH, a new function for a Talent brings a new result for the company.

In order to prepare the decision-making process as well as the development objectives, the Group relies on the evaluation of personal, relational and leadership skills. Apostrof diagnoses the development needs for an increase in skills through a Development Center approach.

This assessment process allows the discovery of strengths and areas for development. Apostrof then recommends a precise approach to the areas of progress on which to invest.



Accompanying the rise in skills with finesse


“The Apostrof approach allows me to make a quick and factual synthesis of my personality and my way of functioning. The direct feedback is very positive in terms of real time awareness, in relation to the feeling of the exercises.

The feedback helps me to take a step back and to start repositioning myself. Beyond the evaluation, it allowed me to start working on myself and my managerial behaviors, even if I lack the tools that individual coaching should provide.

The written summary of the day’s highlights highlights the areas to be developed. Sharing with my manager allows me to open the way.”

Feedback from a promoted employee, Methods Manager at UGITECH.


“To support this internal mobility and a move to management, our dual objective is to help the employee to better understand their new position, while finding the right position in the company. Apostrof’s assessment allows us to shed light on an individual’s profile through role-playing and questionnaires.

Sharing with this new manager all the dimensions evaluated, as well as the development recommendations, allowed us to plan a targeted coaching. This new Methods Manager, motivated by this evaluation, has already gained confidence.

Our willingness to support him is reflected in a personalized coaching approach. We expect a visible result for this manager and his colleagues, the first beneficiaries of this work.”

Feedback from the Manager of the promoted employee, Head of Transformation Units at UGITECH.











About the Development Center

The Development Center relies on the use of professional situations to carry out a precise diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate or employee. For internal mobility, the approach allows us to reassure the parties about the suitability and potential of the proposed future position.

It also involves advising all the parties concerned on the development of skills adapted to the experience and the professional situation to come. This takes the form of recommendations and a development plan articulated in 3 parts: for the promoted employee, for his future manager and finally for the human resources department when training and/or professional coaching are recommended.



Whatever your objectives, we can help you attract, motivate and find the right talent. To contact us, use the contact form or write to us directly at contact@apostrof.fr




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