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The assessment center, an inside view by TNT Express

  The assessment center is a technique used for skills assessment and for detecting potential using role-play situations. At Apostrof, we often use this technique for assessing candidates. In the article Behind the scenesof an Apostrof Assessment Center  we looked at the key points of this type of...


Everything you wanted to know about Assessment Centers

  Do you need clearer vision when recruiting internally or externally? Would you like to have a proper diagnosis of an employee’s skills and potential? Based upon the Assessment Center methods, Apostrof's methodology involves setting up a series of exercises closely resembling the working environment of a particular job,...


VERSION INTERNATIONALE is recruiting project managers

    About VERSION INTERNATIONALE   Combining two sets of skills – software engineering and languages — Version Internationale was founded 25 years ago in Lyon by Françoise and Patrick Bajon. Version Internationale was a pioneer in multilingual translation in France for major software publishers and, over the years, has acquired acknowledged expertise...