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Everything you wanted to know about Assessment Centers



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

6 June 2017

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Do you need clearer vision when recruiting internally or externally? Would you like to have a proper diagnosis of an employee’s skills and potential? Based upon the Assessment Center methods, Apostrof’s methodology involves setting up a series of exercises closely resembling the working environment of a particular job, enabling the person being assessed to demonstrate a series of behaviours and skills. A team of professionals gives the candidate their cues, setting up role play situations and reproducing the employee’s working environment.


What is Assessment Center?


Simulations that are used in an Assessment Center accurately reflect the very difficult and busy challenges of today’s executives. Trained Apostrof’s assessors use methods to observe (and technology to record) behaviors. Moreover, Apostrof’s consultants do integrate personality tests and other instruments to have a more holistic view of the participant.

Our assessment centers should be called Acceleration Centers because they help individuals accelerate their development within an organization as a result of having a richer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In the history of Assessment Center, the US Army was using this methodology at first, especially during the Second World War.

Those tools were then developed by British and American companies before reaching Europe in the 1980s. It took another 10 years for this approach to be adopted by major companies in France (mainly those with past experience or branches abroad) and specialist recruitment firms.


Actions and Behaviour analysis


Many companies and candidates are unfamiliar with this technique, which is used to identify the skills and expertise of (future) employees (e.g. as part of an internal mobility process). Furthermore, simulations should take into account the cultural aspect of our professional life. For that reason, American and British Assessment Centers were not really convenient when it comes to assess French or German individuals. Thanks to our Partners settle down in Paris, London, Cologne, New York and Montreal, we can deliver hands-on, personalized client service.

Apostrof specialises in finding and selecting specific profiles in the senior management and executive segment. With the assessment center method, our approach now goes even further, to include analysis of behaviour and body language (non-verbal communication) in role-play situations. We wanted to tell you a bit more about this highly effective and predictive approach so Apostrof decided to produce a series of articles about the assessment.





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