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Octomine, the barometer to monitor the social mood



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

28 February 2019

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At the moment, it is not always easy to know how the employees of a company are doing, what they are feeling, to measure team commitment to a project, to find out the impact of decisions made, etc. Yet, there is no greater wealth for a company than the men and women who make it up. A company that performs better is also a company where employees flourish better.


Social Mood barometer for company

With this in mind, Romain GUITTON, Alexandre CORNU and Yves-Richard HONG TUAN HA founded Octomine, a new generation company social barometer. The traditional annual barometer is not enough. To be reactive and watchful, companies must continually have access to data in real time.

The analyses are also placed in context and take into account the company’s specific environment. A summary and recommendations to implement actions are offered after analyses, and tools to measure the impact of these actions can be set up.


Octomine, how does it work? 


Employees are assessed based on simple, fast and regular confidential questionnaires (20/30 seconds/week). Then Octomine analyses the data and summarises the accessible information in the dashboard.

Based on the recommendations of Octomine, the company can set up appropriate actions.  Regularly summaries cover the most important points for each manager to quickly reveal where the competitivity levers and blockages lie.




Even though the tone is purposefully quirky and friendly, the questionnaires are still based on strict scientific principles.

Octomine offered its assistance to the  Social Psychology Laboratory of Aix Marseille for writing questions and analysis models. Privacy is very important to Octomine and all personal information is confidential and anonymous.

No names appear on the dashboard and below a certain number of respondents, the results are not communicated for ethical reasons.

This is an essential feature so that employees can give their feedback without worrying, the aim being to improve the quality of life in the company thanks to constructive feedback.

Find out more about the Octomine platform (In French)




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