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EDEBEX is expanding its sales team and building on integration



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

20 September 2018

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Founded in 2013, the EDEBEX marketplace offers to optimise the clash flow of companies by selling their client invoices—their outstanding payments—to investors who have too much cash flow and wish to enhance it.

EDEBEX offers a quick, safe and effective solution to those who want to improve their cash management, better manage their liquidity and optimise their working capital. For investors, it is an investment with guaranteed return and limited risk no matter the circumstances, as they are protected against the risk of non-payment. The EDEBEX startup first came to France in 2016 and is now taking over Europe.




An Assessment Centre to better prepare for integrating and managing future employees


“For us, Apostrof is a true partner with regard to recruitment and particularly for our business profiles. Thanks to their Assessment Centre solution, they have supported us with our recruitments on several occasions. The recruitment process is a crucial stage for us. It gives us a detailed analysis of the behaviour and skills of our candidates. Apostrof has helped us several times to discover more information about a candidate by highlighting their strong points and the focus areas to consider when choosing who to hire, enabling us to make the best hiring decisions. We particularly appreciate our partnership with Virginie Graziani, who always made herself available, listened and really took the time to talk with her clients, as well as considering the written report supplied by their team.”

Caroline Focquet, Talent Manager at EDEBEX

EDEBEX is expanding its sales team and building on integration


What is an assessment center?


It’s a method for assessing aptitude and performance. The assessment centre focuses on a set of varied exercises, which are designed to simulate different aspects of the work environment (E.g. group exercise, in-tray, role-play, presentation or fact-finding task, etc.).


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