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When digital is the key to online assessment



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

20 January 2022

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Thanks to the numerous digital tools, the assessment of competences and skills is almost child’s play. E-Assessment is a fully online assessment process that allows for the analysis of the match between a candidate’s competencies and those expected in a certain function.

When evaluation rhymes with digital

Test publishers are redoubling their efforts to offer the best tools: personality, motivation, creativity and logic questionnaires, etc. The range is wide and allows each person to find an appropriate tool for his or her problem.

Some sites even offer to combine several tests with benefit questionnaires based on the individual’s behavioural and situational judgement tendencies.

The benefits of online evaluation

E-assessment is widely used by most recruiters, at different stages of the process, depending on their strategy or resources. Indeed, in general, its use allows for a significant acceleration of the recruitment process.

When the assessment is conducted entirely online, access to candidates is facilitated and the process is quick. For their part, recruiters receive the candidate’s results in real time, which they can then process as they go along, providing almost immediate feedback when their schedule allows.

In the pre-recruitment phase, online assessment also provides neutrality of judgement on the candidates tested. Indeed, the latter are selected on the basis of criteria such as education, experience, mobility, etc. and not on the basis of factual and discriminating details such as physical appearance, age, gender, to name but a few.

The limits of the E-Assessment

However, the E-Assessment is limited in its analysis of the candidate and his/her skills. Indeed, the online process does not always offer a sufficiently detailed view of the profile to be assessed, particularly in terms of the high-stakes relational dimensions such as the managerial, relational or organisational skills of a candidate.

Online tests are effectively devoid of any relational pressure. In front of a screen, the assessed person is, in spite of being alone, faced with questions and/or proposals which, in practice, have no consequences for the candidate’s position in the minutes, hours and days that follow.

As a result, even the best job inventories in the world come close to an interview situation where the recruiter relies on the candidate’s declarative statements to assess them. We all have the reflex to think and/or say “If I were in this situation, I would do this / I wouldn’t do that!”.

Thus, whatever its formula, the online assessment does not allow the individual to project himself fully into his future role, which will require him to deal with real people, all of whom will have sincere reactions and emotions. Moreover, the Assessment Centre offers a much more in-depth analysis of a personality.

Rather than focusing solely on the characteristics of a temperament, the Assessment Center (at least the one practiced at Apostrof) aims to understand not only the way of acting, thinking and relating, but also the underlying components of what characterises the different ways in which an individual functions. 

About the Assessment Center

The Assessment or Development Center are methodologies that use a professional situation. The objective is to carry out a precise diagnosis of the strengths and areas for improvement of a candidate or employee. In the context of recruitment, this stage enables the company to advise on a suitable integration plan for the individual’s personality and skills. Also, having a global vision of talent is essential to prepare a new organisation within a company. In the case of internal mobility, the assessment includes specific recommendations on a development plan.


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