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What are the most effective pre-selection tools?



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

7 June 2018

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The first image counts, so take care with your candidates’ experience


As usual in recruitment, the first image is the most important. That is why we encourage you to take care of “all the first times” in your recruitment process.  It often seems less clear how you can benefit from the pre-selection phase, given that some candidates are excluded, and it is, therefore, difficult to avoid frustration.

Not long ago, we paid tribute to the innovative platform RSE Software™, which is used to avoid leaving a bad impression on candidates excluded from your recruitment process. A candidate’s experience with your company or HR provider starts from the very first interactions, even before you have met. This stage should, therefore, help to initiate the selection process while nurturing the company image.


Test how your candidates handle daily challenges before you employ them


For employers, pre-selecting a large number of candidates is often very time-consuming. All recruitment professionals would love to be able to concentrate on the most interesting and interested candidates. It would be a real benefit in terms allocating resources and means. This raises the question of finding a qualitative means of precisely pre-selecting candidates. To do this, some try to use new technology to conduct online interviews or even prepared and time-deferred video interviews.

However, whatever the format, a structured interview remains an interview, based on declarations and the creation of a relationship between two people. So how do you assess a candidate in a more in-depth way? At Apostrof, we advise our clients to adopt the most efficient approach: the Situational Judgement Test. This approach is based on professional role-play, which is also quicker to set up and, therefore, less expensive.


Are you familiar with the Situational Judgement Test?


By presenting a series of scenarios to potential candidates, Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are a means of automatically eliminating between 30 and 50% of them, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Our SJTs rely on a series of critical situations that candidates could encounter in their future role. This approach is a way of saving precious time and resources at the start of the recruitment process, which allows the company to focus on the essential selection stage

At Apostrof, we are proud of our bespoke and individual approach. We work closely with our clients to roll out Situational Judgement Tests adapted to each line of business. Furthermore, the implementation of a pre-selection process allows the company to give value to the functions proposed to candidates.

This gives you an original foretaste of the daily challenges to be met by potential candidates and the opportunity to objectively measure if a candidate is capable of taking up a position within your organisation. At the same time, you assess your candidates on the basis of the demands of the job, while creating the conditions for a positive experience for the candidate, even before you meet them.





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