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Resources for recruiting and assessing potential



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

18 April 2017

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This RESOURCES section is more than a blog. Above all, it is a place for interactive exchange on the subjects of human resources consulting and Talent Management. Indeed, developing your business by aligning HR strategy and corporate strategy is the promise of Talent Management for a B2B company. Discover the strategic (trans)training projects of organisations that we are delighted to support in their development projects.


Where do these resources come from?


To discover Apostrof is to follow a human adventure. I propose to introduce you to our precious partners: our clients and our partners in France and abroad. You will also find the writings and tools of our experts, as well as some of the creators who have made us tick.

You can also discover the testimonies of our clients, our clients’ employees and the candidates we have accompanied. They are at your disposal to share with you the challenges faced by companies today and which represent the opportunities of tomorrow.


Start now with our free tools

Progress can’t wait. Use our free tools and resources to get started. It’s the perfect way to start or complete your development plan. As well as keeping you up to date with the latest in Talent Management, our beliefs and common sense lead us to share our favourites!

Those elements that open new perspectives to the world and the innovations that will be part of our daily life tomorrow. Keep learning, keep growing and keep moving forward.

Apostrof supports you in all aspects of talent and career management, from recruitment to evaluation and the development of your teams’ skills and potential.

Our services in recruitment, headhunting, Assessment Center & Development Center allow you to optimize your acquisition strategy, identify and support the transformation of your organization through the detection of tomorrow’s leaders, while retaining today’s key employees and those to come.



Apostrof’s experts

Apostrof is a recruitment and potential assessment consultancy that works mainly with professional populations of executives and managers with a tailor-made and individual approach. Apostrof was born of the desire to do and experience things differently, in Lyon as well as in Paris, in France as well as internationally. Find out about the expertise of each team member by visiting our Experts page : Europe or Americas.

Our team brings together complementary skills that are systematically put to use in the service of employer brand visibility and corporate identity, talent management and the visibility of experienced profiles. Discover the expertise of each of them.



Head hunting helps you to target rare and high profils. Attract, engage and match the best talent thanks to Executive Search.

Explore how an individual will perform in the future : Discover our Assessment Center based on simulation of a professional environment.

If you’d like to learn more about assessing and developing your leadership team, get in touch with us, fill in the contact form below.



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