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Be proactive in relation to your career!



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

26 October 2017

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Can you identify different phases of your career and do you want to take matters in hand?

Reviewing your career is relatively easy to do. A few tools and the right methodology are all you need to get things moving and find a new job fast:

  • Review your personality, motivations and aspirations: a self-assessment is what you need. Anyone can do it, but you have to commit to spending time on it. However, it’s an investment in yourself.
  • Assess your hard and soft skills, and your expertise. The support of those around you is vital to this process. They need to be people you trust whom you know well and/or have worked with.


Identifying the above-mentioned aspects generally reveals the guiding threads of your career. By refining these you can start to define potential targets: sectors of activity, job specialisms, companies, potential contacts, etc.


The final step is to sharpen your tools in line with the level of action you wish to take:

  • Simply watching the job market to make sure you don’t pass up a job opportunity that won’t come your way again for another few months or years,
  • Actively listening out and/or looking for jobs every so often, which means spending the minimum amount of time each week on looking for jobs or developing your career plans (answering job ads, building up a network of contacts in a particular sector, etc.),
  • Actively searching: take care with this if you already have a job and you want your job search to remain confidential (e.g. by not mentioning the name of your current employer on your CV, etc.).


The most difficult thing is often to keep watch or actively search for jobs while you’re already working. Employees often ask how they can manage their online presence (on social networks, CV libraries, etc.) when their current employer’s HR department uses these same tools for recruitment. You need to manage your profile very carefully.


However, most executives tend to have a high profile anyway, especially on professional social networks. According to a study by APEC, 53% of executives are registered with at least one professional social network. Viadeo is top, closely followed by LinkedIn. This does indicate an interest in moving jobs, because executives registered with professional social networks are there primarily to maintain existing professional contacts: networks provide an opportunity to make new contacts and publish your CV.






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