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Are our presidential candidates ready for an assessment centre?



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

10 March 2022

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In a context of war on our European continent, the presidential campaign clearly seems to take second place. So how can we assess the skills of the presidential candidates apart from the incumbent, whom we have already seen in action? At Apostrof, we had a crazy idea, we had the strange dream of preparing ourselves for an extraordinary mission: to evaluate the skills of the presidential candidates thanks to the tools of the Assessment Center!

The evaluation of presidential competences

Posturing as conquerors during last rallies and televised debates, our politicians in the running for the 2022 elections are trying by all means to convince us that they are the most competent to hold the highest offices of the State.

However, the majority of them have never had any successful experience in a similar function (reminder of the prerequisite often present in the lines describing the job profile).

Therefore, in this particular case, it is a matter of predicting the ability of our political candidates to succeed in a given position. Thus, unless we are mistaken, this is a situation well known to most recruiters and even more so to expert assessment consultants.

We have therefore drawn up a matrix of skills dedicated to the function of President of the French Republic. The first element in the construction of this reference system is that it seems essential to us that the future candidate as France’s first ambassador should have the leadership and communication skills to show the interest of his or her ideas and to unite people around the project he or she is leading.

The potential of the future President

The coherence of its proposals presupposes the ability to listen and then to analyse and judge, giving it a precise vision of the priority issues as well as a global vision of the situation of our country as well as the place of our country in Europe / in the world.

In order to lead our compatriots as well as his teams, the future elected representative will have to be able to take the necessary decisions and to lead the change without fear or questioning what has worked well until now (yes, I assure you that there must be some if we look well).

With good time management and therefore good management of the upcoming calendar, determination and resistance to pressure will be essential assets in a position that is under pressure from all sides. Now that the skills and attitudes to be tested have been listed, all that remains is to build the assessment platform.

A time of preparation to get acquainted with France’s budget, internal hot issues and actual essential geopolitical stakes, each candidate should follow the instruction: “Following the hasty departure of the former President, the French people ask you to improve the economic situation of the Country and to save us from international war.

You will lead your first meeting with your ministers. To prepare for this meeting as accurately as possible, you have 90 minutes and various documents. Your aim is to outline together the main guidelines for the coming year and present your action plan for 2022 to 2027″.

The professional situation

The framework is set, the dimensions to be surveyed are clearly indicated on the evaluation grids… time for the professional role play! The feedback should provide so many essential elements on the behaviours implemented that will allow the selection of a few lucky finalists submitted to the final choice of the French.

A democratic election of candidates skillful would change things a bit, wouldn’t it?

About the Assessment Center

The Assessment or Development Center are methodologies that use a professional situation. The objective is to carry out a precise diagnosis of the strengths and areas for improvement of a candidate or employee. In the context of recruitment, this stage enables the company to advise on a suitable integration plan for the individual’s personality and skills. Also, having a global vision of talent is essential to prepare a new organisation within a company. In the case of internal mobility, the assessment includes specific recommendations on a development plan.



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