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Post-Covid Talent Management



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

29 July 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Ready or not, we will have to take over the Talents management. However, how can we consider re-managing “classic” processes of recruiting, integrating and retaining employees when everyone has experienced this lockdown period in such a different way. This unprecedented situation has changed our ways of seeing things, as well as our ways of acting and being.

For some, it is a genuine questioning of a situation that seemed to be taken for granted. For others, it takes the form of repositioning with a reinforcement of priorities. Anyway, the management of the Covid, because that is what it is about, was due to the particularly individual lockdown. So how will the company once again unite its teams ?

A different talent management

Talent management will evolve to respond individually to what employees have gone through in recent weeks and what they will experience in the months to come. Indeed, the social and cultural environment has always had a very strong impact on our relationship to the world of work.


Therefore, from how to recruit to how to retain an employee, things are certainly going to have to evolve to take into account the revised and corrected expectations of assets. Not to mention that HR have also been on the front lines in the last few weeks.


It is a safe bet that their relationship to work, to the company, to their hierarchy and to their teams is somewhat shaken up. This particular period has shifted the lines for individuals and businesses. Also, the talents of yesterday (before the Covid) are sometimes left behind.


Some employees have really stood out in the eyes of all by their creativity, their proactivity or quite simply their generosity made visible. Sometimes, they even surprised themselves on their ability to resist and surpass themselves.


However, in an uncertain universe, who will be the talents of tomorrow ? These profiles on which the company is banking on the long term. And if the health crisis had come to question more than our certainties to force the company to review its classification of talents.

Other talents sought

What if the beginnings of the transformation of the company expected for tomorrow had not already appeared. During this special time, we were all surprised by others, in both senses of the word. Some have shown so much courage, others have been so greatly destabilized, still others have remained so solid in the face of personal or professional adversity that they have had to go through.


And faced with this range of possible and imaginable behaviors, the skills expected or necessary were not necessarily those valued before the arrival of the Covid. This period of transformation in essence required other skills than those sometimes listed in the repositories and job descriptions which have become obsolete for the majority of them.


And as in any transformation management, it is above all the ability to adapt and rebound that has beaten the point to purely technical skills. The individuals most prone to anxiety have not been able to mobilize their resources. The most experts have sometimes tripped up in the projection of their work habits.


Important substantive issues await companies and if talent management was already a strategic issue before the Covid, it is a safe bet that Talent Management will come back to the fore in the coming months to make it possible to optimize the economic recovery this time.






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