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TNT is mapping its talent



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

11 May 2017

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TNT Express’ Challenges: Mapping Talents a step ahead of coming transformations


Part of the world’s leading express shipping group, TNT Express France was first in a process of transformation, before conducting a process of integration.


In order to further improve the company’s performance, TNT Express France asked the Apostrof team to take on a strategic project to produce a full inventory of the skills and support requirements of some of its managers.


Using their expert methodical approach combined with an objective assessment of the needs expressed and the contexts observed, Virginie Graziani and her team have just completed their first successful collaboration: around 120 assessment centers run in two years on both Ops Managers and Sales Managers.



Our Approach: Dynamic Assessment to reveal development paths


To identify the key skills and potential of operational managers and sales managers at TNT Express France, Apostrof developed a tailor-made assessment programme run as an assessment center. Our proprietary tools and our seasoned experts provide unbiased and informative observations revealing development paths for employees & organisations.



Challenging & Promoting High Potentials
Identifying and revealing individual potential is motivating for high performers and essential for the organisation. Detecting them early means the ability to challenge, empower and promote them. Our assessment tools give us the ability to advise individuals on how to express their full potential. Our finely tuned approach also enables you to measure progress and development.



Preparing Managers for Transformation
Mapping out your managerial talents and capabilities is essential to prepare your (new) Managers for new responsibilities a step ahead of coming transformations. Our assessment diagnosis and feedbacks help you to define the best learning plans (coaching and training blend) to broaden your Managers’ skill sets. So they continue to grow and develop your company. Our approach also gives you the opportunity to benchmark your company’s managerial populations against the best within the Industry.




Your Success: Feedbacks and development paths for employees


According to TNT Express France’s HR department

We were really pleased with the partnership. Apostrof’s expertise has enabled us to better identify the potential within the company and to target the action we take to develop some of our managers. The managers assessed by Apostrof said that it was a completely unique experience and that the team was welcoming”, “caring”, and “very effective in the workplace role-play exercises!

Rose Marie Jules Rosette, Performance & Careers Manager at TNT Express France


TNT is mapping its talent



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