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Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

24 June 2021

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The online assessment of skills and potential helps to comply with the necessary health measures. Because even in a context of slowed down life, you all need to continue to live, work and project yourself, whether you are on the side of the employers or the side of the candidates. So even in a context where social relations are reduced to the strict minimum, we still have the means to organize the line assessment to support you in the management of your talents.


Evaluate the essentials online

Whether it is looking for an experienced profile, retaining a key employee or developing the resources of talented profiles, our assessment solutions are tailor-made, based on the skills you need to survey, just like your objectives in terms of corporate strategy and human resources policy.

The Assessment / Development Center approach makes it possible to focus an assessment on the skills acquired by an individual. It also offers the opportunity to explore its potential and its resources to be developed.

Thanks to exercises in professional situation, the participant gets to work. It takes on a new function in a context which reconstitutes significant moments in professional life.

Two-thirds of professional scenarios can be carried out remotely, thanks to the many tools now making it possible to communicate online.

This typology of professional simulations opens up the possibility of evaluating many dimensions such as certain personal and interpersonal dimensions. The case studies carried out independently provide very reliable information on how an employee is organized (work method, ability to analyze, management of priorities and time, ability to delegate and organize, etc.).

Professional role plays, even when performed online, using video conferencing, make it possible to measure know-how and interpersonal skills relating more to relational, commercial and managerial management.

Evaluate online then in person

To test the capacity to hold a commercial or managerial function, the process will be supplemented by a role-playing exercise carried out in person. This one can be organized later in time, when the employee’s agenda is less busy or when they can move around more easily.

The simulation of a team situation, reconstructed by a team of consultants trained and experienced in this specialized approach, increases the predictive validity of the approach. Indeed, for the online assessment to be as reliable as possible, certain fundamentals implemented, this time in person, are essential for the process to be complete.

First of all, whatever the format of the evaluation, whether or not it includes personality inventories, the process must inevitably include an interview allowing to deepen what has been observed, produced and analyzed of the participant’s work.

The restitution comes only after an in-depth exchange to discuss what has been observed. Indeed, this first step is essential to confirm or invalidate certain hypotheses made with regard to the observed behaviors in activity. This is why the feedback from the assessor takes precedence over the referral of the highlights of the session by the consultant assessor.

What is predictive validity ?


This is the psychometric quality which refers to the ability to correctly predict a future event. In the world of talent management, it makes it possible to compare the effectiveness of approaches despite the different format of each assessment tool. Indeed, it can be tools (psychometric tests or personality inventories) and / or assessment procedures (interview, 360 ° assessment, Assessment / Development Center).




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