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EGO Healing the 5 Wounds – Lise Bourbeau



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

12 July 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes



This is the eagerly awaited sequel to Bourbeau’s best-seller, “Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self ”, published in 2000. This second tome aims to reveal techniques to work on these famous wounds. Lise Bourbeau’s clear, practical and optimistic stance is, however, slightly deceptive.

The author surprises us firstly by proposing a revision of the wounds that were so precisely defined in her first book. Lise Bourbeau then dedicates two chapters to what she calls “ego”, the greatest obstacle to healing our intimate flaws. She describes how to accurately recognise the mechanisms of wounds.

However, the tools presented to overcome this behaviour seem less easy and often at odds to usual human reflexes. Finally, is it not Lise Bourbeau’s “ego” which is the essential basis of our humanity? What sets us apart from other living beings? To conclude, the book is pleasant to read, especially for fans of Lise Bourbeau. However, the content somewhat lacks substance to effectively transform behaviours. This sequel is, therefore, slightly disappointing.


Who is Lise BOURBEAU?


Having initially worked in sales, Lise BOURBEAU left her work in 1982 to create a workshop helping people to get to know themselves better through their nutrition, discomforts and ailments. In 1984, she opened the personal development centre “Listen to Your Body” and decided to train her own promoters to spread her teaching.

Today, it is the largest personal development school in Quebec and its teachings are broadcast in 22 countries. Educated in  humanities in the United States, she examines the discomforts and illnesses that hinder personal fulfilment. The former saleswoman chose to publish her own works and founded the Listen to Your Body firm (Ecoute Ton Corps) in 1987.

As a writer and publisher, Lise BOURBEAU has sold more than three million books (translated into more than 20 languages) and offers a philosophy of well-being and self-knowledge in her guides which fall between alternative medicine and metaphysical meditation.





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