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Developing your communication skills



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

1 June 2017

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Developing communication skills is essential in business, as well as in personal and family life. Indeed, communication is central to our daily lives where our relationships are based on exchanges and interactions.


Communication skills


Investments in means of communication have never been so high, whether in terms of time spent on exchanges within a department or a company, or in terms of new communication tools or training budgets.

Indeed, there is a whole range of tools for “creating links” between the various players, whether they are internal and/or external: seminars and company conventions, team building, etc.

However, the quality of exchanges does not really improve. First of all, because we use a certain language and a certain way of expressing ourselves that we are comfortable with.

Furthermore, we often feel helpless when faced with certain people and/or behaviours that we do not understand. And even though we learn to communicate throughout our professional lives, it is as if the “instructions” for some people were completely lost on us.


Developing another way of communicating

Observing and analysing body language can help you transform your view of communication. When we express ourselves, we are effectively focused on our own person.

For most of us, we are not necessarily aware of what is going on in an exchange with our interlocutor. In fact, the verbal part only accounts for about 7% of what we will decipher.

Advances in neuroscience have led to the development of new disciplines that take a close look at non-verbal communication. And this gives us the opportunity to understand that communication patterns are a function of an individual’s personality and experience.

So here is a new communication “key” to open the door to the attention of our interlocutor.



The secrets of body language


Mistakes in recruitment, management and negotiation are costly. On a daily basis, your colleagues, managers, peers and leaders are also trying to decipher your intentions and emotions through your verbal and non-verbal cues. Know how you are perceived by your professional environment, whether it is at the first meeting or every time you arrive in a colleague’s office.

Do you want to stop misjudging an individual? Do you need to better identify risks in others? You’ve come to the right place.

How to be Successful on TV? From Storytelling to Body Language




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