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Apostrof, that’s a funny name!



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

8 April 2017

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A few facts about Apostrof


Apostrof is, in fact, our second name. At the very beginning, we wanted to call our organisation Accent, because, in our view, nothing is more important than putting the emphasis – or accent – on our human resources in the company. However, when we registered our brand name, a company with a very similar name opposed our application.

So, we had to find another name that fitted both our purpose and our values. The accent in the “A” of our logo got a second wind after a few weeks. Some of you indeed received a short message from us: “The Accent is moving and turning into an Apostrof!”


But where does this brand name come from?


Apostrof enabled us to keep our logo and graphic design. The spelling is not an abbreviated, phonetic spelling of its French pronunciation; it is simply the Czech spelling of the word apostrophe. You may be wondering, why Czech? Simply, because it’s a reference to the start of the career of Apostrof’s founder in a consultancy firm!

As well as that, our number one job is headhunting which is expressed quite well in French by the expression“Apostropher une personne”, which means to grab someone’s attention. Indeed, when you’re at work and well-settled in your company with an interesting job and you get a call from a headhunter, you’re not usually prepared for this initial phone conversation.


And what exactly is a headhunter?


Headhunters work for companies, which seek their help for some of their most important recruitment missions. They are tasked with finding experienced professionals who will be attracted by career development opportunities or new challenges in different environments from where they are currently working.

At Apostrof, we make use of our expertise in detecting potential to make our decisions viable through reliable and relevant responses. Our tools and methods provide you with all you need so you can make well-informed and objective decisions.

So don’t be afraid of being headhunted by Apostrof! We’re on your side!






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