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Transactional Analysis: Main Fields of Application

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What the Transactional Analysis is used for?


Even if the Transactional Analysis was initially designed as a therapeutic tool, it has remarkable qualities, as it offers very relevant models for human behaviour. Indeed, this tool aimed to help people in difficulty undergo real, in-depth changes, in an easy and simple way. 

Nowadays the Transactional Analysis model is used for:

  • Better knowing and understanding oneself.
  • Decoding how we communicate with others.
  • Interpreting structure, the organisation of groups and human organisations.


How spread is the Transactional Analysis?


To have an overview, Transactional Analysis has practical applications in many fields, including personal development, therapy, education, management, group management, understanding civilisations, corporate management, strategy, etc. This theory provides relevant models in the following main fields of application:

First of all, Transactional Analysis is used in the world of consulting: the social, counseling, coaching and paramedical fields to provide support, advice, assistance and an objective viewpoint.

To another extent, Transactional Analysis is well spread in the world of education (questions relating to the transmission of knowledge and learning situations): educators, teachers from school through to university, trainers and pedagogues to better understand the relationship between a teacher and student, a young person who is failing or an adult in vocational training.

Besides, Transactional Analysis is spreading within organisations: private or public companies, local authorities and institutions to understand group mechanisms and relational issues in groups, to optimise professional relationships.

At last, Transactional Analysis is well known in the field of psychotherapy: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists or psycho-practitioners use Transactional Analysis as a means of better understanding a relational problem, for better self-understanding or to handle conflicts in couples or families, etc.





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