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Assessment Centers serving the HR strategy

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Assessment centers are an assessment technique using simulations to assess a person’s skills and potential. The assessment process is based on real-life situations and on observing behaviour in workplace scenarios to predict a person’s chances of success in a particular post (as part of a recruitment and/or internal mobility process) and that person’s need for further training. This type of assessment is much fairer, because individuals are not judged on their technical knowledge or qualifications, but simply on their behaviour in real-life workplace situations. All assessments are tailored to the type of skills that a company wishes to identify in its (current or future) employees.


Assessment and development tool

Assessment centers are sometimes also known as development centers. It is used in advance of development. It provides an accurate diagnosis of individual or collective training requirements. Assessment plays a primary role in skills development.

Without prior diagnosis, no proper recommendations can be made. Assessment is therefore carried out before any development action, whether this takes the form of training or coaching. It is important that employees are involved in this process and that they support the approach, which should reflect their current skills and provide solutions for developing the skills they would like to have. Communication concerning the purpose of the assessment is thus essential.


Assessment centers at the heart of corporate HR policies

Assessment centers are a very specific method to be used as part of a broader human resources policy.

They fit into a series of processes, the main characteristic of which should be overall coherence. It has two main objectives, which will generally be:
selection (for a post or for training, identification of potential) and,
– development.

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