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Apostrof : Talent Management & Assessment Solutions – Head Hunting Experts

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Apostrof offers its headhunting expertise, using cutting-edge recruitment methods so you can meet experienced candidates with quasi-operational profiles. To ensure that our selection of candidates is reliable and relevant, the finalists in our recruitment process undergo an evaluation via our Assessment Centre, so our clients can make informed and objective decisions.


Make the Best Talent Management and Assessment Decisions


In addition to recruitment, developing teams and their skills is of utmost importance. To help you, Apostrof has created a range of skill  evaluation tools to detect potential within your company and to develop leadership. This support provided by Apostrof’s experts offers a solution to combine efficiency, objectiveness and transparency in the development of your strategy and skills management.

There are numerous companies in the human resources consulting market, but our story has shown that there is space for a new approach. Since 2009, Apostrof has been helping developing companies prepare their organisation for the future by offering a range of customised services to find  future employees, as well as evaluating talent to develop human capital  and ensure the performance of the company.

These two unusual and sensational talents developed by Apostrof offer you the opportunity to have a single contact to assist you with your projects to manage skills, personalities and potential. We also work with senior managers and executives on career management and skills development.

The founder of Apostrof and her team are driven by a desire to:

  • help others, taking into account their individuality
  • encourage key players in the company to grow and evolve
  • develop human performance and company performance





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If you’d like to learn more about assessing and developing your leadership team, get in touch with us, fill in the contact form below or email contact@apostrof.international  


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