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The Millennials: who are they?



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

7 December 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes


We’ve had Generations X, Y and Z; now here come the Millennials! The Millennials are currently teenagers, having been born in the 2000s. They will be the world of tomorrow. More mobile than Generation Y, more connected than Generation Z, the Millennials will also go further. Here’s the Apostrof team to tell you all you need to know!


Did you mention ultra-connectivity?


For Millennials, it’s second nature to be connected to everything immediately. They need to be able to access everything in a single click, from any connected device. Generations Y and Z had Tchat, MSN and webcams and were constantly posting to Facebook, Snapchat and Tinder.

Millennials have to have their mobile phones with them at all times; it’s used for everything except making calls. They don’t even need television because they’ve got the internet. They don’t take lesson notes with the traditional tools, a pen and paper, but they film them, photograph them and save them on a tablet.


Rewriting behavioural rules


Like the generations who came before them, Millennials have rewritten many of the rules: on methods of communication, but also on lifestyle! They prefer to have access to cultural output rather than own it; they want experiences and to have multiple lives. They are individualistic and narcissistic, and their ambitions are buoyed by a world in which everyone counts and everyone can become famous through the internet.


Lacking the traditional landmarks, they develop ethnological skills. As game players, they like testing things out and broadcasting both their successes and their failures. They wouldn’t hesitate to launch accounts, websites or blogs. They like the thrill of experiences and they never read the instructions! Millennials are pragmatic and adaptable (they prefer System D) and they keep trying different approaches until they find the answer.


As a bonus, a new vision of work


Millennials haven’t yet reached the world of work, but people are already wondering what it will be like for them. Unlike previous generations, which saw employment as something to be suffered, the new generation looks for meaning and for even greater fulfilment in diverse and varied activities that take many forms and require radically different skills for development, all while trying to keep the right balance between work and home life.


Certain sociologists are looking very closely at the behavioural changes exhibited by this new generation to understand their impact on the evolution of the human brain. Because the leisure activities of Millennials are online, the most active areas of their brains are different, and this will probably change aspects of their behaviour or even their emotions. The rapid, intuitive part of the brain involved in screen-based activities is used much more and is more highly developed in Millennials. We need to observe and understand them: our world will become what they make of it.





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