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When behaviour counts more than a diploma

    The tighter the recruitment market, the more we are focused on finding the right candidates with the right degree. The definition of the profile as well as the search strategy for the latter are then the hot topics that concentrate all the energy of the...


The challenge of sourcing in the recruitment process

  Sourcing helps to generate potential applications during a recruitment process to fill a post. Because the quality of recruitment depends on the quality of the preparatory sourcing, sourcing is considered an activity in its own right. ‘Sourcing’ applications means going out and finding candidates who would potentially be...


Recruitment for ACTILAN strengthening its policy of excellence

  About ACTILAN   ACTILAN was set up in Lyon more than 15 years ago, and provides support to companies with the installation, upgrade and maintenance of their IT systems. ACTILAN has since expanded its services and its team, which looks after Infrastructure, IT and Telecoms equipment and development...