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SALVEO gains impact through non-verbal communication

  Within the framework of a very large-scale project, SALVEO asked APOSTROF to help them improve their communication and gain in impact. Thanks to a tailor-made intervention and to Virginie GRAZIANI's sharp expertise, the Chaîne de la Croissance reached its objective of sharing with as many...


How to read the gestures of others?

  We are constantly communicating with our bodies in an unconscious way. It is completely natural to us. All psychologists agree that this body language is much more important than our verbal communication. Indeed, the non-verbal language sends out many signals, whether through our gestures or...


Developing your communication skills

  Developing communication skills is essential in business, as well as in personal and family life. Indeed, communication is central to our daily lives where our relationships are based on exchanges and interactions.   Communication skills   Investments in means of communication have never been so high, whether in terms...