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SALVEO gains impact through non-verbal communication



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

24 September 2019

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Within the framework of a very large-scale project, SALVEO asked APOSTROF to help them improve their communication and gain in impact. Thanks to a tailor-made intervention and to Virginie GRAZIANI‘s sharp expertise, the Chaîne de la Croissance reached its objective of sharing with as many people as possible the tricks that make it possible to win internationally and to deploy an ambitious development strategy.


Fluidify your body language to gain in impact


“The setting up of the Chaîne de la Croissance, the first programme in France dedicated to the success of French companies that radiate throughout the world, is a project that is particularly close to my heart, in addition to having mobilised significant investments for the SALVEO Group. We called on Virginie’s support to help us make our communication as fluid as possible in terms of the form of the exchanges during the interviews, i.e. to refine our non-verbal communication footprint.

Thanks to her expertise in Synergology, Virginie took part in the systematic review of the first interviews to emphasise the gestural tics to be avoided, and then participated directly in the filming, to provide us with as much input as possible in terms of gestures: gestures to be “avoided”, body posture, what to do with one’s hands, how to invite the interviewee to be very comfortable right away, etc. We wanted to create an important level of sharing. For the success of the programme, it was vital that the viewer could find the connivance of the TV sets on his screen.

Virginie personally helped me a lot to correct aspects of my non-verbal communication and I feel that, thanks to her, I am finally even closer to my guests on the one hand and in my relationships more generally. I strongly recommend that you seek Virginie’s help to bring out the best in you when speaking in public and to deliver the right messages, whatever the situation: a one-to-one meeting with an employee, a prospect or a client, a strategy meeting with your CODIR, a seminar in front of 200 people, etc. What Virginie will give you will not only help you deal with the situation in question, it will help you for ever.

Johann SPONAR, Managing Director of SALVEO


SALVEO, International growth manufacturer


Since 1991, the SALVEO Group has been assisting more than 6,000 companies to anticipate, manage and eliminate the problems they encounter internationally: structuring your growth, increasing your turnover and facilitating your establishment in the 50 most dynamic and complex countries in the world.

In 2013, the Group became a subsidiary of the ADIT Group, the European leader in strategic intelligence. The Group has five subsidiaries specialising in business intelligence, business intelligence, operational diplomacy, business ethics and international development. The Group’s consolidated scope represents a turnover of more than €50 million and 250 employees in its three divisions.

SALVEO gains impact through non-verbal communication


About body language


Certified as a Synergologist, Virginie GRAZIANI uses her skills in observing and understanding body language detection in her professional expertise in Talent Management. Whether in a recruitment, assessment or coaching process, Synergology brings so much to the understanding of your interlocutor. This discipline is a subject in its own right that focuses on the observation of body language, well beyond̀ the “basics”, namely the preconceived notions that circulate around the word “non-verbal”.


The secrets of body language


Mistakes in recruitment, management and negotiation are costly. On a daily basis, your colleagues, managers, peers and leaders are also trying to decipher your intentions and emotions through your verbal and non-verbal cues. Know how you are perceived by your professional environment, whether it is at the first meeting or every time you arrive in a colleague’s office.

Do you want to stop misjudging an individual? Do you need to better identify risks in others? You’ve come to the right place.


How to be Successful on TV? From Storytelling to Body Language








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