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How can you recruit as a Digital Services Company?



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

13 September 2018

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Technology affects all areas of your private life and business. Developers, experts, cybersecurity personnel and IT administrators are increasingly sought after and indispensable. Digital companies need to anticipate skills needs to take a leading edge in the emergence of new technology. It is increasingly difficult to find certain highly sought-after and expert profiles amidst the growing number of recruitments.

What are Digital Services Companies?

DSC stands for Digital Services Companies. Called Software Services Companies or IT consulting companies until recently, they are expert companies in the field of new technology and computing that are opening up into service provision. Simply put, they are providers that companies use for IT system surveys or advice on hardware, software, packages and networks. Consequently, a Digital Services Company intervenes at different levels (advice, design and production of tools, maintenance and even training) with the main goal of supporting clients with projects.

What recruitment strategy should be adopted to deal with the shortage of skills?

Agility, reactivity and cooperation are the keywords for talent recruitment that responds to customer needs, as competition in the sector is tough. It is, therefore, important to quickly create a connection between potential candidates and the company to initiate a personal relationship between a talented profile and a company that is prepared to offer them development opportunities.

The idea is to be able to offer “great” projects to “good” experts. To attract and recruit, a Digital Services Company must focus on sourcing future projects beforehand, on more collaborative and innovative recruitment applications and, above all, on a regularly updated talent pool.

Recruiters must also extend their search to platforms like GitHub (which allows access to developer projects) and also more general social networks, like Twitter or even Facebook groups, which enable recruiters to talk to people who are not always present or active on LinkedIn and do not apply to job vacancies.

Another strategic point to highlight is co-opting. Co-opting is said to account for up to 37% of management recruitments in France. A piece of advice: get your salespeople involved in recruitment! This will help compensate for the shortage of certain talents, for example. Co-opting is used to increase the impact of your offers, as your staff become ambassadors within their network.




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