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Focus on Recruitment 4.0



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

18 January 2018

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Recruitment today is no longer what it was several decades ago. We are now entering the era of Recruitment 4.0. Indeed, it is now up to companies to convince and entice their future employees, especially in specific sectors, such as IT development and Data Sciences. As a result of this phenomenon, recruiters must highlight their employer brand and cultivate their image.

This includes the e-reputation of companies on digital media and more precisely, on professional social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.). Another Recruitment 4.0 revolution: the Talent War . Previously, a company would simply advertise a position opening and wait for candidates to come forward and pour in.

Today, recruiters are pushed to find the best profiles themselves, not only among jobseekers but also among those already employed. They try to gain visibility and present themselves as the one company they should work for. This means alluring customers, as well as potential employees.


Capitalizing on your employer brand


The ‘employer brand’ refers to the image of the company’s brand, whether it’s an internal or external emanation.  A well-cultivated and positive employer brand is a great way to naturally attract quality profiles. And it’s the web that companies will use to a certain degree to convey their employer brand.

Candidates are indeed relying more and more on professional social networks to browse job offers, but also to get information about the reputation and latest news from recruiting companies.


Find the right candidate


Digital transformation is changing employers’ habits in a variety of ways: It’s changing hierarchical organization, managerial practices and employees’ skills, with specialization giving way to versatility. To recruit talents that complement the company’s culture, recruiters must be unique and inventive in order to attract profiles that interest them.

This is why it is essential to follow the job market’s digitization trend. Because Recruitment 4.0 also means that companies hire using social media and platforms which connect recruiters and job seekers. In addition, a company’s HR develops more and more marketing-type skills and techniques.





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  1. Pankaj Deshmukh

    Well written Virginie! But I think, for recruiters and hiring managers the stumbling block is not only to attract good candidates but also identifying the best amongst them. And at the stage of identifying the right candidates, pre-employment skill testing plays an important role. With my personal experience, I can say that it reduces the time-to-hire by 80% and helps us hire job fit candidates faster. I would Suggest Interview Mocha, a pre-employment skill testing software that gauges a candidate’s technical skills, cognitive ability, and reasoning.


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