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The long working days of senior managers and executives

  Do you feel like your working day never ends, even when you’ve left the office? Do you regularly deal with personal issues when you’re at work or even in business meetings? Then you’ve joined the connected executives club. Welcome to the era of blurring, which signals a...


Have you been targeted by French recruiters?

  It’s a paradox that is difficult to explain or understand, but Senior Managers and Executives are being actively sought. With an unemployment rate below the national average, the job market in the Rhône-Alpes region (in France) remains buoyant mainly due to dynamic export, IT, automotive and science...


Before heading into the interview: what you should know

  The interview is your first meeting with your future employer. You should therefore approach it professionally, as if you were already working as part of the team welcoming you. To stack the odds in your favour, you need to prepare for this decisive moment by learning about the company. As the aim...