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DIEHL METERING recruits sales profiles

  DIEHL METERING is a division of the German industrial group DIEHL. The group employs around 17,173 people worldwide with a total annual turnover of 3.749 billion euros. DIEHL METERING covers the entire energy industry with individual systems, but also with integrated communication solutions, taking into account...


Before heading into the interview: what you should know

  The interview is your first meeting with your future employer. You should therefore approach it professionally, as if you were already working as part of the team welcoming you. To stack the odds in your favour, you need to prepare for this decisive moment by learning about the company. As the aim...


Using self-confidence in recruitment interviews

  You’re meeting a recruiter for the first time, which means you’ve passed the CV and cover letter stage with flying colours. Congratulations! You’re the person the company needs. But now you need to persuade them of this.   So, don’t just take a passive role in your interview. Passivity is not viewed as an...