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How Significant is Body Language in the Relationship?



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

18 October 2018

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As far as our educational background is concerned, we were trained to have “nice speeches” and we were rarely taught to deeply observe others’ body language. As our society stress on how to stand up as individuals, professionals care about adding value to speeches. How come observing people causes less excitement?


Discover the Body Language Discipline


For a couple of years, Apostrof Consultants are trained in nonverbal communication. Furthermore, Apostrof founder and CEO, Virginie GRAZIANI has graduated in Synergology last April. Started in the 1990s with Philippe TURCHET, a PhD student in the field of Human Science, this recent discipline focuses on body language, well beyond the basics or main hypothesis spread around the world. Far away from people’s beliefs, Synergology does not focused on lies as “Lie to Me”series might suggest.

Actually, Synergology is deeply looking at relationships between individual’s body language and multiple thoughts running at the same time. The benefits from reading nonverbal communication is to have a better understanding of human being’s cognitive load. As far as it concerns human relationships, the quality of the approach is as crucial as the quality of the observation.

Thanks to specific training Synergologists develop observing, questioning and analyzing techniques in order that reading body language would never be about making assumptions. To be sound and consistent, Synergology offers a professional classification of nonverbal information. Synergology found first its roots in several fields, somewhere at the crossroad of neuroscience and communication science. Nowadays, body language gives clues to better observe and comprehend human’s mind, focusing on improving communication and relationship.


Who is Philippe TURCHET?


With a DEA in Political Science and Public Law in this pocket, Philippe TURCHET has been developing Synergology for over thirty years focusing on acquire knowledge on body language. Even if many reports and articles talking about Synergology do exist, this discipline is still underestimated and rather unknown. Thanks to Philippe TURCHET’s PhD in the field of language sciences, the Synergistic grid is now available online.

For the general public, he is known as the author of the best-sellers “The Synergology” and “The Universal Language of the Body” which have been translated in many countries. Synergology is a concrete and handy discipline aiming to improve communication between individuals. To probe the state of mind of a person with the objective of better understanding it, without wanting to change it, is the object of Synergology who wishes to improve the exchange. In addition, taking a step back on body language works for both speakers: the other and me!





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