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Why do fewer Women go into Top Jobs?

  Studies clearly show that girls tend to be more studious and do better at school than boys. However, when they finish education, far fewer girls go into top jobs and high-status professions than boys. So, what’s happening? Why the gap? That’s what YouTuber Psynect has been trying to work...


Beauty at work: an advantage or a disadvantage?

  Before the end-of-year celebrations, everyone’s thinking about how they look. Everyone wants to dress up to show all its splendour. We wanted to know whether beauty matters the rest of the year, in recruitment processes. The dominant theory in behavioural science is that being attractive gives...


Stereotypes for women’s roles

  The latest study published by DREES contains some surprising figures from 2014 on women’s role in society: one fifth of the French population believes that a mother’s place is at home, and 15% of the working population would prefer a male manager (compared with only 3% who would...