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Find out about the Pause Pod for taking a rest at work at night

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To prepare for your holidays … at work, Apostrof would like to tell you about a new accessory to transform and lighten the load of your long days at work! It’s a tent not like any other: the Pause-Pod©. This foldable cocoon made from opaque material, the Pause Pod tent has a compartment and a mat so you stretch out your legs. It also has a hole to pull through a cable to recharge your smartphone or to listen to a little music during your moments of relaxation.


The Pause Pod to plunge yourself into darkness


This little siesta tent that you can take with you wherever you go is THE ideal solution to plunge yourself into darkness and avoid everyday stress during your break. If taking a siesta is frowned upon in your work, the Pause Pod can also be used to hide away, recharge your batteries or to work anywhere in peace and quiet. You can use this time to meditate, relax, breathe … whether to relax or not, as your needs dictate.

This tent can also be used as a nomad work space: at the office, at home or elsewhere! The Pause Pod only weight 2.2 kg and can be folded up in under 10 seconds. It is compact and its size is ideal for various uses: 120 cm high, 110 cm deep plus 110 cm that folds out for the compartment for your legs and when lying down. All this at a price of just 99 dollars (currently on promotion).

Add another 76 dollars to purchase the three essential accessories: the mask to cover your eyes and ears so you can totally cut yourself off, the starry sky and the stand to put your tablet on inside the Pause Pod for a little solitary film session. To sum up, you’ll no longer be able to do without this tool for your long days at work, while travelling or while relaxing. Take it with you everywhere! Especially since studies show that a refreshing siesta of 15 minutes increases your productivity by 35%.

To buy the accessories online at promotional rates, go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pause-pod-your-private-space-for-relaxation#/





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