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How Assessment Centre handles the challenges of Talent Management

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Talent management has become a priority for  companies, boosted by a power balance that no longer always favours the employer. It is usual to assess the skills of employees, but it is difficult to detect their potential and their aptitudes to hold a different job from ones held previously.


The objectives of the approach and intervention process


Assessment centre methods offer help making decisions by way of an analysis of the intellectual potential, skills, behaviour and the management style of the employee or candidate. The assessment is determined using a set of skills required by the company and suited to it. The aim is to validate the employee’s professional progress for a given position

The employee or candidate is placed in work situations. By way of role playing and case studies, the person is faced with various problems that could be encountered in their future professional life. They are askedto analyse the information available, to act and suggest concrete actions to take. Often these simulations take the form of psychometric tests. They provide a better understanding of the psychological components of the personality.


Assessment centre: a tool and a method


As a tool, assessment centre is part of the human resources policy. A range of processes whose primary characteristics must be the coherence of the whole. But this system continues to help with decision-making. The company should take into account previous performances and behaviour. As a method, each professional colours their work practices with their philosophy and their approach is influenced by their strongly held convictions.

This involves the construction of exercises, the profiles of the assessors, the frequency and the form of the debriefing, etc. And this has a strong impact on the reliability of the assessment and how the feedback is expressed. So giving feedback is critical, because it must not come across as a judgment. It must be based on concrete observations. The consultant must convey the results accurately, highlighting strengths and reservations. It must show the consequences of behaviour through activities and a transparent dialogue.

The aim is to raise awareness. How the participant takes the assessment should guide the conclusion of discussions, to result in a development plan broken down into three components:

  • actions that the employee can implement directly;
  • recommendations made to his/her manager playing the role of coach;
  • and those sent to human resources for a tailor-made training plan or coaching.

To resume, assessment centre has a big impact on the organisation. Consequently, it must be placed very carefully into the human resources policy, and open communication is essential.  It is an effective tool, admittedly geared towards selection, but primarily towards employee development in an increasingly demanding world.





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