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How to best achieve an Assessment Center?

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The Assessment Center is a methodology that uses several type of professional role play. These professional role plays have no “correct or incorrect” outcome. Indeed, these are situations of professional life probably already encountered, which require us to analyze, react and interact.

As a result, the acquisition of new knowledge does not lead to an “improvement of results”. Only experience can change the way an individual will behave. Again, there is no correct answer since the goal is at another level. Professional simulation simply allows you to observe behaviors.

In other words, the interest is on the “how do I do” and not on “how do I think I know how?”. The behaviors that are implemented by an individual then reflect to what extent a skill is present in the individual.


How to do your best during the Assessment Center?


The first disruptive factor at an Assessment Center is often stress. Depending on what is at stake in the evaluation (recruitment situation, executive transition, etc.), it is not always easy to ignore them. However, in a logic of detection of skills and potential, the Assessment Center should not be stressful.

This is why the exercises and the team of consultants do not deliberately create an extreme situation. As a reminder, one of the objectives is to recreate a realistic, professional and collegial framework. The Assessment Centers make it possible to highlight in the candidates their habitual behaviors: those which they acquired by the experiment and the practice.

Therefore, the complexity, the number and the limited duration of the simulation exercises force the participant to resort to spontaneous behaviors. To give the best of oneself, it is therefore enough to lend oneself to the games and take advantage of the optimal working conditions proposed. Before the Assessment Center, it is important for the participant to understand the objectives of the Assessment Center.

During the day, clear instructions are available to the participant. of course, the participant can also ask questions. Besides a preparation time “quiet” is provided for each exercise. It is indeed essential that the participant can concentrate to work.

Moreover, the Assessment Centers are most often organized outside the company to avoid the participant being disturbed by its normal activities. The other advantage of the Assessment Center is that it is an evaluation based solely on the behaviors implemented during the day. The team does not know the history, or the course of the evaluated.

In addition, the simulation exercises are in a general fictitious organizational context. Thus, each participant is at the “same level”. Neither internal nor external candidates can benefit from their familiarity with the subjects or the sector of activity. This way of working therefore guarantees equal chances of success.



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