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Worldwide use of Assessment Centre Methods – 41st International Congress

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The 41st International Congress on Assessment Centre Methods was held October 8-10 in Windsor, United-Kingdom. What a great opportunity to mix with more than 150 worldwide professionals came to share best practices on former and updated use of Assessment Centre Methods. During the Congress all Consultants, Psychologist, Companies’ HR and Experts presented their achievements and researches on Assessment Centres.

Assessment Centres around the world

Professionals coming form all over the planet issues des 4 coins de la planète rose to the call, covering almost all continents : Asia (Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Nepal, South Korea), South AfricaAmérica (US, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago), Middle East(Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey) and at last Europe (United-Kingdom, France, Italia, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia). The diversity of actors was there: companies, humanitarian organizations, international organizations ; as well as the panel of various fields gathered : Accountancy-Finance-Legal, Banking-Insurance, IT-Telecoms-Digital, Aerospace, Oil and Gas-Renewable Energy, Tourism-Transport, Social Work, Administration-Justice.

An overview othe international practices

Whenever the continent or the area, Assessment Centre Methods are used in a same way, underlining current trends:
> recruitment and selection in order to enhance the candidate experience,
> promotion for identification of leadership potential,
> development in order to accelerate further development post-assessment center,
> company’s transformation as it needs to be more agile in our constantly moving world.
It is also amazing to notice that all professionals make Assessment Centre Methods evolved. They are focused on optimizing approaches, as well as introducing new digital tools into the classical Assessment Centre Methods. All this in a way to keep the benefits while digitalizing the Assessment Centre Methods. Indeed, the predictive validity and reliability of this kind of assessment is widely recognized. However the benefits and assets should not be loose when computerising even a part of the process. Actually, the research have shown how complex it’s going to be. This world tour brings so many perspectives for Assessment Centre Experts, where as they are working inside company or in consulting. Indeed, figures show a big gap between CEO’s and HR Managers’ needs when talking about Talent Management and using Assessment Centre Methods. Us usual Europe lags behind, regarding current practices in Asia or in South Africa. We surely have to do our best to close this gap, as we do not have less Talents in our organizations, the reverse is the case.



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