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Improve your mental capability with the MY MENTAL ENERGY PRO® app

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To avoid mental overload and increase concentration, Apostrof recommends MY MENTAL ENERGY PRO®. The application provides the first digital library of audio and video Mental Training micro-exercises, specifically designed for companies.




The app offers a self-assessment, where you can design a customised programme according to the characteristics of the position and working environment. With purposely short content (5 to 15 minutes, and up to 25 minutes for viewing and guided meditations), MY MENTAL ENERGY PRO® offers solutions (designed, written and recorded by a team of coaches) for everyone who would like to cultivate their performance and better use their mental and emotional energy. 

The app is available for Windows/Mac and mobile. Some of the content is freely available, so you can discover the benefits of Mental Training. You can enjoy unlimited access to the mental coaching programme for €4.99/month or €49.99/year.

Benefit from the app’s exclusive resources with:
– Video advice and podcasts to avoid burn-out
– Resources and tools to protect yourself
– Resources and tools to boost yourself










Exclusively with MY MENTAL ENERGY PRO®, Apostrof is offering a free month of tests to its readers! Just download the app on your smartphone, register and enter the following code in the “Company Code” box: APO17 (valid from 24/10/17 to 24/11/17).





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