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5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself – Lise BOURBEAU



Virginie Graziani

Talent Management & Synergologist

17 May 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes



A complete guide to our intimate flaws 


With her second best-seller, Canadian author Lise BOURBEAU aspires to unveil the intimate flaws that shape our lives and personalities. Designed as a simple and practical guide, the book actually makes it possible to identify in ourselves, as well as in others, mechanisms that thwart our relationships with others. Rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal and injustice: Five fundamental wounds that cause many physical, emotional or mental ailments.

Lise BOURBEAU dedramatises agonizing traumas by outsmarting the mechanisms of the masks we hide behind. The author provides a very detailed description of these wounds and discusses various aspects: appearance of the physical body, pathologies, behaviour and wounds associated with each wound. Indeed, the book provides the key to understanding our reactions so that we can reverse  repeated patterns and better flourish.

Her comments are clear, practical and always optimistic, even if the chapter devoted to the path of healing left us wanting more. The final part of the book, which approaches techniques for working on our infamous pains, is therefore a little short. So it was no surprise to discover the follow-up to this book, “The healing of the 5 wounds”, for which we’ll be providing an editorial in our next newsletter. Nevertheless, it’s a book which everyone needs to read, so we can all find serenity.


What is the wound that shapes you the most?

Rejection, Abandonment, Humiliation, Betrayal, Injustice

Who is Lise BOURBEAU ?


Having initially worked in sales, Lise BOURBEAU left her work in 1982 to create a workshop helping people to get to know themselves better through their nutrition, discomforts and ailments. In 1984, she opened the personal development centre “Listen to Your Body” and decided to train her own promoters to spread her teaching. Today, it is the largest personal development school in Quebec and its teachings are broadcast in 22 countries.

Educated in  humanities in the United States, she examines the discomforts and illnesses that hinder personal fulfilment. The former saleswoman chose to publish her own works and founded the Listen to Your Body firm (Ecoute Ton Corps) in 1987. As a writer and publisher, Lise BOURBEAU has sold more than three million books (translated into more than 20 languages) and offers a philosophy of well-being and self-knowledge in her guides which fall between alternative medicine and metaphysical meditation.





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  1. sr quindoline wiylahnyuy

    Good afternoon. I have been longing to read the whole book on the five fundamental wounds but can only access the first two.

  2. sr quindoline wiylahnyuy

    how can one get the book?

  3. Jean-Pierre Macaire

    Rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, injustice. In the order of your body drawings. I correct your inaccuracies because I am obviously mainly of the “rigid” type, when I activate my wound of Injustice.

    • apostrof246

      Thanks Jean Pierre, I corrected this injustice 😉



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