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Luminette, the benefits of light therapy in a pair of glasses

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The ability to enjoy the benefits of light therapy easily at home. That is Luminette’s concept! This pair of glasses is fitted with small, coloured LEDs that reproduce the energizing and regulating effects of sunlight. Light indeed plays an important role in our biological clock. Light therapy is ideal for treating sleep problems, chronic fatigue, seasonal depression, or even night work and jet lag. In theory, the positive effects are an increase in energybetter sleep and mood enhancement. It’s an innovative format of light therapy that allows you to go about your business whilst enjoying your daily session. There are several light intensities; it is possible to wear Luminette with glasses or lenses. The light is sent into the eye from top to bottom, just as the sun does, so that sight is not hindered or troubled by  glaring. Because light therapy can be ineffective for some people, Luminette has created a 1-month trial offer for a price of 39€ . If you are not satisfied, you can return the product. If you wish to keep Luminette, you will have to pay a supplement of 200€ (a total price of 239€).



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