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Melomind, the headphone that helps you relax

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Designed in partnership with the Institute for Brain and Spinal Cord, myBain Technologies has released Melomind, the headset that teaches the brain simple and effective daily relaxation. At the root of this innovation is Neurofeedback, which consists of reinforcing the brain’s natural relaxation processes in a non-intrusive manner void of side effects.

How does it work ?

The electrodes integrated in the helmet allows your relaxation state to be accurately measured. Melomind then generates customised music based on your brain activity to help you relax. The application acts as a coach who follows you throughout the process and adapts to your needs. At the moment, it is only accessible via Kickstarter from 247€, but pledges are limited. Its official release has not yet been announced but we do already know that the retail price will be $399. To be the first to be notified of Melomind’s release, you’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter.



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