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Managing your career to protect your health capital

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Occupational health is governed by a complex web of environmental factors both within and outside the company where you work, by aspects of workplace organisation and by both personal and subjective factors. Your sense of professional well-being is heavily dependent on the amount of control you have over your working environment. And yet, corporate growth is dictated by socio-economic rules agreed at global level. This means it is difficult to follow a career path completely devoid of hiccups along the way. 


Employability criteria change as the financial health of a company changes. This means that the ability to adapt to change is an essential quality for professional survival. Nowadays it is normal for employees to experience between three and five career changes before they retire. These changes have an impact on our occupational health, especially when we have no control over the problems along the way. Protecting employees’ health capital is undoubtedly a collective responsibility first and foremost.


The key figures involved in occupational health (occupational physicians, ergonomists, HR departments, social workers, employment inspectorates, trade unions, etc.) work together to ensure the physical safety and psychological well-being of employees at work.


To go further, we need to take a proactive approach ourselves. Individually, employees can choose to review their employment situation on a regular basis, giving them greater opportunities to protect their health capital at work.


Going on a course, doing a work placement, carrying out a skills assessment, consolidating learning through experience, and seeing what one’s CV is worth on the job market are all ways in which individuals can take a positive approach and demonstrate openness to change.


These actions are rarely prompted by employers, except when an employee’s skills need to be adapted to a particular post. So, take your career in hand and carry out a precise diagnosis of your situation.





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