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Miracle morning – Hal Elrod

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At Apostrof we like to keep up with all the latest books that everyone’s talking about on productivity and personal development. We couldn’t pass over the bible of many Americans and its creed: get up earlier to get a grip on your life. In a factual, practical way the author encourages us to become aware of the importance of giving ourselves some time every day.

Of course, the concept then encourages us to get into action, which can produce big effects. The method doesn’t just involve setting your alarm clock really early! It’s about establishing a morning ritual lasting anything from 6 to 45 minutes, and involving several phases: silence, affirmations, visualisation, physical exercise, reading and lastly keeping a journal.

The main aim is to achieve a general sense of serenity in every part of your life. As it’s not always obvious how people should change their pace of life, the author encourages his followers to design their own morning routine. The book is an ode to the present moment and to investing in your own personal development.

Though be careful you don’t fall into the trap of always wanting to get more done, so you end up exhausted and slipping towards burnout! If you want to wake up at the crack of dawn, you need to be in bed by 10 pm. And make sure your sleep is regular. Getting up at the same time every day is really good for your body clock. This method also has the merit of introducing a type of pause between waking up and leaving the house. Taking time over it reduces stress. It’s always better for you not to be running around from the moment you get up!


Who is Hal EROLD ?

Hal ELROD is a lecturer in personal development and motivation. After a dazzling commercial career and a car accident that nearly cost him his life, Hal ELROD decided to revolutionise his life by simply getting up two hours earlier. As a matter of fact, at the age of 22, Hal ELROD was struck by a drunk driver who was travelling in the wrong direction on the motorway at more than 100 km/h. Doctors told him he might never walk again.

Today, Hal ELROD participates in ultra marathons more than 50 hours long. At 35 years old, he is a personal development star in the United States. His latest book, “The Miracle Morning (Before 8am)“, sold more than 80,000 copies. The goal? To share the method that saved his life. Since then, Hal ELROD has travelled the world to give lectures and spread his miracle solution to help people get back on their feet.






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