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How the neurosciences make of the stress your ally?

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What’s original about this book is its format: it begins with a self-assessment questionnaire to be completed online before you start reading. By telling you about your profile, the book helps you understand the way you operate when under stress. Used as a guide, it gives you practical exercises (which look simple, but they are effective) based on cognitive and behavioural science.

The book also provides an introduction to the neurocognitive and behavioural approach; its author runs R&D at the INC (Institute of NeuroCognitivism). The style of writing is clear and easy to understand, making it a practical guide that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Who are Patrick Collignon and Jean-Louis PRATA ?


Patrick COLLIGNON is an ICF certified coach, lecturer and NBA expert (Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach). An author of numerous books on personal development and popular science, he runs workshops and speaks about the themes of stress, gratitude, assertion and self-confidence.

Jean-Louis PRATA, who has been a consultant and HR director for 18 years, is an expert of the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach used in  organisation. He is head of the R&D centre at the Institute of NeuroCognitivism (IME training centre: Institute of International NeuroCognitivism) and notably the development of on-line questionnaires (stress, psychosocial risk, personality…). Also a consultant-trainer and coach, Jean-Louis PRATA teaches at ESSEC business school, the IAE in Caen and Normandy Business School.







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