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Ambition, a success factor for women, by Action’elles

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Three women from Lyon with exceptional careers spoke about their experience as entrepreneurs at the first national Action’elles conference organised on 27 June 2012 in Lyon. Alongside Véronique Garnodier, the founder of Charlott’, and Evelyne Galera, from the Rhoni group, the founder and manager of Apostrof, Virginie Graziani shared her journey as a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary creator.


Three lessons learned during the creation process


Female-style ambition is still a concept to be developed, but first and foremost, it must be put into practice. As soon as ambition is mentioned with regard to a woman, it often appears less worthy.

“I created my company driven by strong personal drive at a time that was not very conducive to setting up a company: an aborted company take-over, an economic crisis and an upcoming pregnancy. Even the contacts at EMLYON who helped me improve my skills as a company manager were frightened for me!”

“I quickly discovered what I was losing professionally: greater “protection” from third parties and the label and legitimacy that comes from being part of a “brand”. However, I also gained a lot, because your contacts are much more interested in your personality, your skills and the dynamism that gave rise to my company.”

“In your personal life, everything changes, especially when you’re setting up a company at the same time as the arrival of your first child. The pace of work changes before and after the arrival of the baby. Consequently, the company went through some difficulties because in a service company, everything rested on me! I didn’t hesitate to ask for funding, explaining my very special situation. That taught me to manage the company accounts with great precision, and the same goes for my time!”


The ingredients of creation


Feminine-style ambition is perhaps, above all, a concept that balances professional success, so that you can be happy in both your professional and personal life.

“If I had to highlight the most important things that enabled me to create a business, I would mention the following three essential aspects:

  • a level of flexibility to allow for a good dose of personal development;
  • a personality that attracts attention, while remaining humble;
  • and, above all, the conviction that you are providing something, however tiny it may be, that is different… yet changes everything!”

 The story of Apostrof’s creation by Virginie Graziani.



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