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The Art of War for Women, by Chin-Ning Chu

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Winning without confrontationThe strategies and wisdom of Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu applied to your professional success.
This book aims to empower women. However, unless you are prepared to reflect on your personal, philosophical and emotional problems, you cannot benefit fully from applying Sun Tzu’s ideas. According to the author, women are particularly keen to win with as little confrontation as possible.

They have a gift for negotiating, preferring situations that are ‘win-win’ for everyone. On the other hand, they seek opportunities without really thinking about how to attain them. For example, they assume that they will be noticed if they work hard, and this will win them promotion. Chin-Ning Chu argues in favour of the principles set out by Sun Tzu: to succeed, you need to demonstrate diplomacy and take the time to look around you (in your company). For anyone wanting to reflect on the way they work, Apostrof recommends this very worthwhile book.


Who is Chin-Ning CHU?

A renowned international speaker, Chin-Ning CHU grew up in Taiwan before emigrating to the United States in 1969. Author of the best-selling book, “The Asian mind game”, which was translated into 25 languages, she has written many business strategy books that have been read in more than 60 countries.

She was one of the leading experts in the practical implementation of Sun TSE’s “Art of War” and has promoted strategic thinking among heads of state and executives of large corporations around the world. A successful businesswoman, she has been the president of several leading companies: Asian Marketing Consultants, Strategic Learning Institute and Neuroscience Industries.






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